How to Save For Auto Repair Before It Happens

Auto repair is an integral part of owning a vehicle, yet it can also be financially draining. According to AAA, nearly one out of every three drivers cannot afford unexpected auto repairs. That’s why planning ahead and saving for repairs before they occur is so important.

Selecting an Auto Repair Shop

Quality auto repair shops can be found in independent shops, dealerships and franchised service centers. However, for the most personalized experience with your mechanic and the owner of the shop, opt for one that is locally owned and operated. By doing so, you may save money over using a dealer by choosing an experienced mechanic closer to home. Please click here for more information catalytic converter price

The Shop’s Billing Practices

Every shop that performs car repairs must issue a comprehensive invoice that includes each replacement part and labor cost. Furthermore, the invoice should indicate whether the parts are new or used and whether the odometer reading at the time of repair was accurate.

Before paying for any repair bill, request to see an original, printed copy. It’s also wise to double-check with your insurance company that the invoice is valid. If you’re not satisfied with what the shop’s bill says, speak with one of their mechanics or managers about your concerns.

Research warranties and service contracts

Many manufacturers offer auto warranty programs, which cover repairs and replacement parts for a specified number of years or 200,000 miles. Be sure to read your owner’s manual for details regarding coverage on your vehicle. If you don’t understand anything in your warranty or service contract, feel free to consult with either the service provider or state Attorney General’s office for clarification. Visit for more information: catalytic converter recycling

Benefit From Manufacturer-Specific Certifications

Major auto makers such as Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, FCA Chrysler, VW and Mercedes-Benz offer specific certification programs that teach how to repair their vehicles’ complex systems. Earning these credentials can help you progress in your career and boost your income potential.

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Opening a Mechanic’s Shop

If you want to launch your own auto mechanic business, the legal structure that best supports growth while maintaining independence is key. There are four options for forming an automotive repair shop: sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or S-corporation.

All these entities have their advantages, but LLCs offer the most advantages for auto shops since they incorporate the advantages of sole proprietorship and partnership into one entity. Furthermore, LLCs allow earnings to be passed through directly onto your personal tax return – helping avoid double taxation.

An LLC not only offers you tax benefits, but it can give you more freedom in managing your shop. Establishing an LLC allows for setting up a separate bank account specifically for auto repair business expenses, giving you more control over financial decisions.

You may choose an LLC with a partner, where both of you own the business and share its profits equally. This option allows for setting up a joint-venture that benefits both parties in the long run, though it requires an initial financial investment.

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