Destiny 2 Drifter Guide

Drifter is a Perk in Destiny 2 that allows you to kill enemies without their knowledge. This Perk works by allowing you to quickly take down multiple targets at no risk, while softening up waves for other players by increasing visibility.

To use this ability, you need a certain level of skill. To unlock it, complete the Unseen Shadow Challenge by eliminating 30 enemies without them noticing you.

The Drifter is a humanoid creature with brown eyes and a red mask. He’s an Awoken who battled against the Darkness before entering Stasis to heal its wounds. Resurrection by Ghost during Dark Age brought him back into Light of Last City but soon after left its embrace behind.

Season of Dawn features the Drifter speaking to you about Saint-14. They both harbor a rivalry with Emperor Calus and share similar apocalyptic beliefs regarding the Darkness.

He will also reveal that he was a member of the Shadows of Yor, though he didn’t know about Shin Malphur being one. Additionally, he speaks of both Cabal and Fallen as being part of these same Shadows.

If the Guardian decides to support the Vanguard, Drifter will tell them their assumptions about him are incorrect and express gratitude for their support as well as respect their decision.

In addition, the Drifter will inform them that Saint-14 was a member of the Shadows before his resurrection and is delighted to see him back. He also shares that he and Shin Malphur collaborated on Gambit together, unaware that it would be Shin they were working with.

The Drifter may claim to be from the Bray family, an ancient race of humans who were among the first humans to inhabit Earth. He will further state that he was a warrior but ultimately defeated by Emperor Calus.

Maintaining a strong moral code is essential when drifting for extended periods of time. Always show kindness and respect towards others, and steer clear of any minor offenses.

Drifters are essential tools in ocean observation and tracking, as they allow researchers to measure sea surface current velocities with high resolution on a global scale. These speeds can be used to gauge the health and condition of our planet’s ocean.

Drifters come in a variety of types. Some measure barometric pressure, salinity, wave height and wind speed – essential measurements for weather forecasts and oceanographic research; other drifters only measure sea surface temperature.

Drifters are typically attached to the sea floor via a holey-sock drogue that contains most of their surface area (Fig. 1). This drogue is situated at around 15 meters depth and powered by an array of D-cell alkaline batteries; with proper care, these instruments can last around 18 months before repairs or replacement are necessary.

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