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Every year, millions of people around the world gather to celebrate their cultures and nationalities during some of the biggest festivals in existence. From vibrant floats to extravagant costumes, these events promise to leave you with a taste for perfection.

Semana Santa, or Holy Week in Spain, is one of the world’s most beloved festivals to experience, particularly for its breathtaking floats adorned with intricate sculptures depicting iconic scenes from Christ’s passion or Mary’s sorrows. Accompanied by marching bands providing musical accompaniment, it’s truly awe-inspiring sight!

This festival is renowned for its stunning floats, or pasos, carried through streets by local brotherhoods. They are truly magnificent works of art created by some of Spain’s renowned artists and are truly a sight to behold.

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Attend this unforgettable festival if you love to party! At the end of Holy Week, thousands come together in Madrid for this vibrant festival featuring music, dance and other activities across the city.

On this festive occasion, thousands of people dance in the street to music from around the globe. Additionally, it offers a range of other activities like food markets and carnivals for children.

Chichibu Yomatsuri, or Float Festival in Japan is one of the greatest world festivals to experience. This celebration includes lanterns and flute music alongside some ten-tonne floats known as mikoshi (masks). For locals it has immense importance since it commemorates their shrine and its 300 years or so of history.

On the first and second nights of December, the city transforms into a twilight wonderland filled with floats and fireworks that draw visitors from all over. It is an enjoyable day out, and visitors are treated to stunning views from atop the shrine.

This extraordinary world festival is a must-attend for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in another culture and soak up the local atmosphere. Hosted over two nights in stunning Santorini, its stunning setting has proven to draw an impressive amount of visitors.

In 2022, the Festival will offer a full day and weekend experience for visitors from Asia, North or South America – with time-zone friendly options for those from those regions. There will be an array of interactive experiences for everyone at this year’s event including live performances, inspirational webinars, workshops and gaming activities related to lifestyle, food and fashion.

Euphoria, commonly referred to as ‘Euphoria’ is an enormous stage at EXIT that showcases many famous artists such as Martin Garrix, DJ Martin, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Solardo. With capacity for up to 35,000 attendees, this is the ideal way to see many talented performers all at once!

Pahiyas Festival in Gloucestershire, commonly known as Cheese Festival, is one of the world’s most beloved events. It marks an important milestone for residents in Gloucestershire as it’s their biggest annual celebration and they go all out when it comes to culinary treats.

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