Banana Wear – Eco-Friendly, Animal-Friendly, Cruelty-Free and Nearly Carbon Neutral


Banana Wear is the newest fashion phenomenon that’s revolutionizing the world of clothing.
Gap Inc.’s Banana Republic has taken a unique approach to clothing that honors both traditional trends and styles while also considering the future of our planet. As one of the world’s premier sustainable and plant-based fashion companies, they have recently repositioned themselves and reimagined what they stand for.

This fall, Banana Republic is debuting an “all-inclusive” collection of clothes designed with women and men in mind. Combining contemporary vintage pieces with “ecofriendly democratic luxury,” according to Sandra Stangl – president and chief executive officer – the collection offers something for everyone.

Fabric made of banana fibre is an eco-friendly, biodegradable material derived from both outer and inner peels of bananas. Not only is this fabric animal friendly and cruelty free; but its production process is nearly carbon neutral as well.

Banana Fibre fabrics are incredibly soft, breathable and durable. They’re capable of withstanding heavy usage and can be washed repeatedly. Plus, their light weight makes them easy to transport for any event.

Fabrics made from banana stems and peels have long been considered waste material; however, thanks to technological advances in recent years they are now being transformed into useful textiles that have begun reaching mainstream acceptance.

This patented process transforms banana stalks into a fiber suitable for textile manufacture. The fibres are separated into different groups based on quality and then spun into yarn that can then be woven into garments, accessories or decor items.

Some of the finest banana fibres come from the inner sheaths of the stem. They’re soft, supple, and fine – ideal for creating silk-like materials.

Other banana fibers come from the outer sheaths of the stem, which are coarser and tougher. They’re similar to cotton but stronger and sturdier.

Many high-end and sustainable brands have adopted banana fabric, such as Offset Warehouse, THIS Co., Green Banana Paper and Frabjous Fibers.

Silk is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable alternative to silk. It’s sourced from bananas grown using organic methods by farmers who produce with almost zero carbon emissions during production.

Banana plants’ flowering and stem section produce fibers that resemble silk or linen but with an earthy and tropical texture perfect for summer wear. These fibers are composed of cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin.

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Banana fibre offers superior strength and tensile properties to traditional petrochemical-based fibres like cotton. Plus, these fibers can be reinforced with epoxy resins for increased ductility. Furthermore, banana fiber is more breathable than cotton – perfect for hot weather conditions!

Fabric that’s water-resistant, snag-resistant and fire retardant: ideal for packaging applications as well as wallets and boxes.

Banana fibre fabrics are remarkably strong and durable due to the fact that they’re created from banana stems and peels which would otherwise be considered waste products. Repurposing these billion tons of peels each year helps the banana industry move towards more sustainable practices overall, saving landfills billions of tons annually.

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